The Earth is my mother, I shall not want
She nurtures me in green pastures,
She freshens me with flowing waters.
She restores my body and awakens my soul.
Although I walk in the shadow
of changing seasons and passing time,
I will not fear death,
for the essence of life is within me,
the peace and beauty of Earth comfort me.
She teaches me to harvest her abundant gifts,
She fills my heart with compassion,
I drink from the cup of simple pleasures.
As I look to the skies with wonder
at the immensity of the universe,
I know I am blessed beyond measure
to live all the days of my life
in the bountiful house of Gaia


Source: What does it mean to be a lineage-carrier?

A very well written article. As a lineage-carrier myself, I truly can relate to this article.

May the Gods keep them safe and protect them from any harm

Gangleri's Grove

There is a small but growing group of very brave men and women who are returning to their indigenous Gods, and slowly but surely restoring the pre-Islamic polytheisms of the Middle East. They call their movement ‘Wathan’ and right now, I’m sure you’ve never heard of them. (1) They’re doing good and potent work, and they’re doing it under pressures that we here in the West simply don’t have to face. For those in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East, they face a literal – not metaphorical but quite literal—death sentence if they are discovered. The penalty for blasphemy or apostasy in Islam is, after all, death, especially in areas where Sharia law holds sway.

Yes, Virginia, there was religion in the Middle East before Islam. There were many complex and thriving theologies. They even worshipped Dionysos in Arabia. (2) Islam wiped most of that away…

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A Slavic Goddess of Spring

She is also known as Zhiva, Diva and Devana

A painting of a youthful goddess holding wreaths of flowers and wearing clothing imitating that of ancient Greek or Rome.





The mythological Vesna represented Spring in Slovene mythology

Here spring is represented as a Goddess in Christian Bernhard Rode’s 1785 painting Allegory of Spring.




The Vesna or Vesnas were mythological female characters associated with youth and springtime in early Slavic mythology and they replaced ‘death’ and wore the green fields, the meadows, nice weather, favorable to life and work. When Vesna brought Spring, she brought joy into homes and with her arrival, people knew that Summer is almost here and Spring symbolized the beginning of a beautiful season. Everything blooms and nature wakes, a time of rebirth and renewed life. Vesna had her role as a goddess of youth. She also represented the Sun without which their would be no Spring. She was a Goddess of victory because she overcame death to bring spring.

She is always portrayed as smiling, naked and barefoot and sometimes using only a few leaves of fern and some flowers for clothes. Her long hair is almost to her knees and decorated with various kinds of flowers. Her breasts are large, as expected from the goddess of fertility. Sometimes there’s an apple in her right hand and some grapes in her left hand and sometimes there’s a swallow, the symbol of spring on her right index finger. Sometimes she holds a bouquet of flowers in her left hand to symbolize marriage. It was believed that she carried the smell of spring with her wherever she goes and that all spring’s scents are signs of her passing through there.

Image result for Goddess Vesna

The Slavs, within their own traditions, also have the fight between dark and light. Vesna, Goddess of Springs, overcomes Morena, Goddess of Death. So each year they carry dolls representing Vesna on branches and burn the doll that represents Morena. This battle between Vesna and Morena was not definite as all cycles repeat when Morena wins the battle over Vesna and brings Winter. The fight between Morena and Vesna showed that Vesna had features that were common among our mere mortals. Intolerance towards other women, jealousy and the struggle for power.

Image result for Goddess Vesna






The battle between Vesna and Morena





Together with her male companion Vesnik, she was associated with rituals conducted in rural areas during springtime. Goddess Vesna was never alone. She was always accompanied by Gerovit, the Sun God and Stribog, the God of Wind and Air. She was the sister of Kresnik (representing fire and sun) and lived in a castle Vurberk near Maribor.

In the nineteenth century, Russian peasants celebrated the return of spring on March 1 by going out to the fields, carrying a clay figure of a lark on a pivot which had been decorated with flowers. They sang songs naming the spring season Vesna.  The word “Vesna” is still the poetic word for “spring” in the Slovene language, as well as Czech and Slovak. Also, Vesna is a Russian word for spring. The month of February is sometimes named Vesnar in Slovene language. Her name comes from an Indian word ‘vas’ that means solar, illuminated and shiny. The word ‘vas’ is located in the root of the name Vesna. This also shows that the deity Vesna was present in the Slavic people even when they were in India, and before they moved to Europe.

Related image

In Slovene mythology, the beautiful women called “Vesnas” lived in palaces atop mountains where they discussed the fate of crops and of human inhabitants. A magical circle around their palaces kept them from leaving the mountain top except during the month of February, when they would travel in wooden carts down to the valley below. Only certain people were capable of hearing them singing. People who snuck up to their mountain palaces might learn their fates, but risked an unpleasant end if they were caught by the Vesnas.

Because the Vesnas were seen as beautiful women, it for this very reason the peoples believed that giving your daughter that name, your daughter will be happy and cheerful. Vesna was a model for women. She was beautiful and powerful and around her the wonderful scent spread.

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Over the weekend I came into the possession of a marvelous set of eight-point red stag antlers, a vintage mount on a velvet-covered board. My original intent was to incorporate them into some sort of artwork. However, not long after I brought them home, the Animal Father started hinting that he’d like them as part of a personal shrine, since Artemis has one herself. (We’re still debating, since I had some ideas for these antlers, but I’m also not completely opposed to keeping them around–and the stag spirit wouldn’t mind, either.)

This whole business with the antlers brought up something that I’ve been aware of since I began working with the Animal Father–he is not the same deity as the Wiccan Horned God, or the various horned deities who get tossed under that aegis from time to time (Cernunnos, Herne, etc.). Yes, he’s depicted with antlers, but he has…

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Crystals and Chakras

Although there are a 114 chakras throughout our bodies, the 7 major chakras in the body became most popular between the Westerners. These chakras can be found in alignment along the spine of a person.


Stimulating the Chakra

36a61d5e6fb30291633104fd77e31252Chakras can become unbalanced or blocked. This usually makes a person feel sick and out of sorts. Because crystals can stimulated the Chakras through subtle energy vibrations that resonate with the Chakra of the same colour as the crystal, you can realign your Chakras by stimulating them one by one or all at the same time.





The colour of the crystal is the key to its healing qualities. Each crystal of a specific colour works best on the Chakra of the same colour. It clears blockages and increases vitality and well-being.

White Stones

  • Stimulates the Crown Chakra
  • Increases general sense of well-being
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Improves communication
  • Dispels mental anguish and/or depression

Place your crystal under your pillow while you sleep as to not overstimulate your Crown Chakra.

Ideal crystals

  • Rock quartz
  • Zircon
  • Diamond

Violet Stones

  • Stimulates Brow Chakra
  • Eases pain, agitation and stress
  • Boosts concentration
  • Boosts awareness

Gently rub a polished crystal in slow small spirals on your temples and the center of your forehead.

Ideal crystals

  • Amethyst
  • fluorite
  • Kunzite
  • Sugilite

Blue Stones

  • Stimulates Throat Chakra
  • Eases ear, nose and throat conditions
  • Helps with glandular problems
  • Helps with Yelland gum diseases that affects the digestive tract

Wear a blue stone at your throat or place on your throat when you lie down to impart its stimulating energies

Ideal Stones

  • Sodalite
  • Azurite
  • Lapis Lazuli

Green & Pink Stones

  • Balances the Heart Chakra
  • Treats emotional problems
  • Helps with anger, stress and depression

Wear  the crystal close to the heart or place over your heart area when you lie down.

Ideal Stones

  • Jade
  • Aventurine
  • Rose quartz
  • Malachite
  • Watermelon tourmaline

Yellow Stones

  • Stimulates your stomach or Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Helps with digestion
  • Eases food allergies
  • Helps with liver problems and muscle cramps

Place crystal over Solar Plexus when you lie down, calm your mind and let the energies sooth your mind.

Ideal Stones

  • Citrine
  • Agate
  • Amber

Orange Stones

  • Stimulates the Sacral Chakra
  • Improves energy

  • Improves lactation
  • Dispel inhibitions
  • Eases kidney trouble

Wear in a navel piercing if you have one or place over Sacral Chakra when you lie down

Ideal Stones

  • Tigers eye
  • Carnelian
  • Yellow Jasper
  • Citrine

Red & Black Stones

  • Stimulates the Base Chakra
  • Improves fertility
  • Improves sex drive
  • Eases menstrual problems
  • Helps with blood disorders
  • Increases courage

Place crystal over base chakra when lying down

  • Garnet
  • Ruby
  • Red Jasper
  • Jet
  • Obsidian
  • Hematite

Keep all seven of your Chakras balanced and working by wearing Chakra jewellery. 


Tit Bits

  • You can give your Chakras gentle stimulation by keeping a crystal in your hand while you meditate
  • You can stimulate your Chakra by lying down and placing crystal on top of chakra.
  • Another way to stimulate your Chakra through the day is by wearing crystal jewellery
  • By combining your crystals with scents, colours and sounds, you can have better benefits and greater results

Harness the healing of Crystals

Let the vibrations of crystals balance your body’s natural energies. You can enhance the atmosphere of your home and connect back to Earth’s energies where these treasures came from.


The beauty of crystals alone affords them a special magic, but we can use them to bring much more than simple decoration into our lives.

Virtually every culture and religion throughout history has used crystals symbolically and decoratively. They inspire beauty and feelings and the scarcity is what makes them valuable.

On a magickal level they can be used very effectively to gather and direct magickal energy that exists all around us and within us and use it for protection, healing in a variety of ways.

Each crystal has its own magickal abilities and attributes. It is in their colour, which is determined by the rate at which their atoms vibrate and can in turn be matched to the bodies energies or used to alter certain vibrations of the body.

 Earthy colours like reds and blacks make great grounding crystals
il_570xn-759145546_8hwu  1b5ce7a3a9dfb6ab5046cb3949e80639

Crystals influence the energy vibrations of chakras where healing and balancing energy flow through, to and from your body.

Gem remedies is another way of using crystals for healing (a whole subject on its own).

Wearing crystal jewellery is another way to use crystals for healing, keeping the crystal’s vibrations close to your body.

Tit Bits

  • Celts believed that garnet helps you to find the courage to face a conflict and gives you the energy you need to take action.
  • crystals placed around your home can help to raise the vibrations in the atmosphere.
  • Purple and indigo crystals such as amethyst, labrodorite and sodalite share the soothing properties of lavender. Combined with dried lavender it can be used for headaches.
  • Clear crystals such as quarts share the cleansing and purifying properties of white flowers such as roses.
  • Crystals can be used in spells
    • use crystals to channel the energy your spell requires
    • anoint your crystal with complementary oils to enhance and boost their abilities
  • Crystals have been used  for thousands of years as lucky charms.


Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation ~ Nikola Tesla


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