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Garlic Facts Remedies and Health Benefits of Garlic.


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Another really interesting idea. We do a lot of festivals and these will look amazing lit in the dark. Especially at Litha

Recycled Mason Jar Lantern – DIY Inspired.

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I am definitely going to try this!

Tea kettle essential oil distiller | Cheryl’s Delights.

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Ever wondered what do when you are in the midst of cooking and you have a power cut? Just make sure you have a log though. 😉

I do love this idea. Can imagine sitting around it in the midst of winter.

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Miracle Laundry Whitening Solution | One Good Thing by Jillee.

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It is almost Yule and it is a tradition to make Gluhwein to Wassaill the trees in tribute for the summer to come. I found this awesome recipe online and wanted to share it with you.

Roland Gorgosilich’s Glühwein recipe

A hot, spicy beverage for cold winter nights

Austrian-born Roland Gorgosilich, executive chef of Bosman’s restaurant at The Grande Roche in Paarl shares his Glühwein recipe.

Serve this drink hot on a cold winter’s night and feel your cheeks glow.

1 ½ bottles of red wine
3 oranges, zested
2 lemons, zested
Half a litre of fresh orange juice
Cinnamon stick
Star anise
4 cloves
2 bay leaves
Brandy and sugar to taste

Combine all ingredients in a deep pot, simmer, don’t boil, until hot. Add brandy to taste. Serve in a glass mug with an orange slice and a stick of cinnamon.

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