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With true mind and heart do I hereby state that I believe:


  •  in a single mysterious source of all existence.
  • in the division of the one source into two equal and complimentary entities who I call Goddess and the God and whom    I honor through my deities.
  • in honoring, respecting, and revering the source of all by celebrating the cycles of nature through joyous ritual.
  • that the cycles of nature teach me about the cycles of life including the cycle of life and death. Therefore, I believe that life can be renewed through Spirit, that I can learn from the experiences of the past and that what I do now affects the future lives of myself and others.
  • that the physical world is not the only reality and that other realms may be explored and engaged.
  •  in the power to focus and direct the will in order to enact transformations for the good of self and others.
  • in free will which requires me to understand the responsibilities inherent in acting in accordance with this freedom.
  • that good and evil are the result of consequences of free will. Thus,I seek to act and lead my life in ways which, to the greatest degree possible, do not cause harm to myself or others.
  • in the application of ethical principles such as the Wiccan Rede, the Threefold Law and the Five Principles to my daily life.
  • that all sacred paths and practices which do not cause harm to others are worthy of toleration and respect and that I can learn and grow from the wisdom of the world’s religious traditions and philosophies.
  • that spiritual truth can be sought in modern as well as ancient knowledge; that the theories of quantum physics and jungian psychology are as inspiring as the ancient mysteries and the ways of magick.
  • in celebrating the solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days (sabbats) in public ritual, the full moons (esbats) in small group ritual, and the dark moons (astors) in personal ritual.
  • that each person has the ability and the right to become a member of the clergy and that no single person has the right to dominate the spiritual life of another.

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